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Uber sensitive empath,

feeling stagnation on your spiritual journey?

Shamanic life coaching with Baukje.
Receive guidance from your own Spirit Guides.

After more than a decade of coaching 1000+ remarkable individuals,

I found that healing negative patterns in the subconscious unlocks personal power.

I get it, you've done all the work, invested a lot of time and effort in your spiritual growth and in creating the life, relationships or vocation you want. You have studied spiritual teachers, you meditate (or have given that up) and are doing your utmost best to create a better life. 

But somehow you feel stagnated...

Different faces, different places, same ball game.

No matter how much you meditate, no matter how many books you read... 

Quite frustrating to say the least.

And you know what? I understand, truly I do. I have been there myself.

I have been repeating negative patterns, and I did not feel able to set myself free.

After a painful childhood, I myself suffered from:

  1. feeling low in my energy and wanting to give up
  2. being judgy and harsh to myself
  3. thinking I could never leave my traumatic childhood behind me
  4. giving, giving and more giving but not getting my own needs met
  5. scraping by financially and feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to change that
  6. unable to find like minded people, resulting in a deep loneliness
  7. suffering from an addiction to cope with negativity around me  
  8. feeling unable to change my vocation to meet my own personal needs
  9. dating emotionally unavailable men
  10. etc.

Yeah I know, "life is not easy" was an understatement to me back then, although I did experience good things as well.

But it all kept feeling mediocre, I was not moving along with ease and flow.

The thing is, when my frustration became unbearable, I found out that the support in my healing process had been there all along.

My team of loving guides and helpers in Heaven were eager to help me every step of the way. 

Through them, I discovered ways to heal myself that have honestly rocked my world.

I learned to have direct conversations with them, and they showed me practical and step-by-step tools to transform those negative patterns within my subconscious into expansion.

And this discovery changed my whole perception of who I am and what I am truly capable of. 

The most impressive unlocking of personal power I have witnessed (within myself and my clients),

is when I started working with the subconscious. 

Elvin Roest

Elvin Roest


Life changing…without a doubt!

I had a ‘fine’ life, as others would tell me, but deep down I wasn’t feeling happy. Baukje has helped me to discover and follow my own feelings and intuition. 

Doors have opened I did not even know existed… 

And my gut is telling me that this is just the beginning of the effect that the sessions with Baukje have brought me.

Without a doubt I can whole heartedly recommend Baukje!

Spiritual Teacher

The subconscious is a powerful co-creator.

 Did you know that 90% of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are subconscious?

It makes perfect sense that if you feel stuck, trying to change that with only 10% of your conscious thoughts, beliefs and emotions is not very effective. 

I found a way to communicate with my subconscious, to unravel what was holding me back. And then to transform that back into power.

Like turning led into gold, but then within my own psyche. 

And while I still have some healing to do,

I went from feeling stagnation and frustration, to experiencing:

  • clarity on my souls mission and the trust and inspiration to move forward
  • conscious awareness of my personal power as a Devine Creator
  • Law of Attraction working in my favor
  • safety and support to show my skills as a shaman to the world
  • feeling at home in a community of like minded consciousness shifters 
  • financial growth
  • balance in giving and receiving in my relationships
  • overcoming my addiction without forcing myself
  • having a direct communication with Archangels, Ascended Masters and deceased loved ones 
  • joy for life, inner peace, focus, clarity, confidence, love for myself...

I could go on and on with this list. It is like a chain of treasures (hidden underneath the negative patterns in my subconscious) that has revealed itself to me. And I keep finding new treasures! 😊

Working with the subconscious, being able to heal and transform those negative patterns that kept me going around in circles, has completely changed my life.

Excavating negative patterns in the subconscious can be intense and emotional, I will not lie about that. I did find the perfect fit for me in that the tools they showed me are practical and in time ignited a childlike sense of adventure and playfulness in me.

Which has made my own healing process an adventure full of compassion and joy. 

If you're looking for:

heal your mind

Ways to let go of old belief systems and negative thinking.

Old belief systems include victim consciousness, control, impatience, judging, etc. There are fun ways to clear out these old books from your library of beliefs and expectations. 
Spiritual Guidance

Direct communication with your team of non-physical guides.

You can communicate with any Ascended Master, Angel or deceased loved one. Their guidance is loving and immensely helpful on any topic you desire. They are so eager to help you!
spiritual clarity

Unblock your true purpose.

Having a meaningful vocation, in which not only your talents and interests shine, but also one that is for the greater good and highest joy for all... might be scary for the ego, but is nonetheless the path to your Devine Power.
heal trauma

Healing trauma's and past life experiences.

Traumatic experiences keep the ego in fear. Healing those hurts will not only reduce your suffering, but it will make room for your true talents to shine!
open third eye

Opening your third eye, to do astral travels and more...

If you are eager to experience clairgnosis, clairsentience or clairvoyance, opening your third eye is a must. Very helpful if you want to help others!

heal addiction

Healing the root cause of any addiction (work, sugar, alcohol, etc.)

Addictions are a symptom of inner suffering and feeling powerless to transform that suffering. Healing the root cause will make the addiction fade away, because it is no longer needed. 

You have come to the right place!

Spiritual Healer Baukje Westerlaken

About me

My childhood was bootcamp for a spiritual healer, full of neglect and emotional abuse. That was the driving force within me to find ways to heal my traumatic past and discover my true powers.

From age 20-43 I have worked as a drummer. In doing gigs I found the magic of Source energy flowing through me. The bliss when the crowd picked up on it, like a group orgasm on Source energy 😂.

I had so much fun when people assumed I must be the singer,

their surprise when I sat behind my drumkit and kicked their assumptions out the window!

 After about a dozen therapists, almost ready to give up on project Baukje + Earth = happiness, I discovered ways to communicate with my subconscious and get guidance from my team of Spirit Guides.

They helped me to heal most of my subconscious in a relatively short time span, and I am healing more and more everyday.

With an effectiveness, joy and step by step guidance that surpasses the combined effects of all my therapy by miles and miles...

I am so grateful for the 1000+ gifted individuals who allowed me to help them heal and find joy and trust, ever since I became 

a life coach and spiritual healer/teacher in 2009.  

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