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Spiritual Healer

Rise up from the limitations of the ego.

Experience Inner Peace, Love & Guidance from your Higher Self & Inner Child

Do you want to learn how to heal yourself?

Heal yourself Spiritually

Wounds of the past are stored in the subconscious (90% of your thinking). Healing this will connect you to your Devine Power.

Learn Healing Love

Learning true LOVE for yourself, like your Higher Self feels for you, is an essential tool to have an emotionally healthy spirituality.

Connect to your Guides

Your Guides, including your Higher Self and the Inner Child that lives in your heart, are here to help you experience Joy & Self Worth.

Elvin Roest

Elvin Roest


Life changing…without a doubt!

I had a ‘fine’ life, as others would tell me, but deep down I wasn’t feeling happy. Baukje has helped me to discover and follow my own feelings and intuition. 

Doors have opened I did not even know existed… 

And my gut is telling me that this is just the beginning of the effect that the sessions with Baukje have brought me.

Without a doubt I can whole heartedly recommend Baukje!

Spiritual Healer Baukje Westerlaken

About me

I have traveled through the darkness that life on Earth can bring. My life has been a journey to discover ways to heal my traumatic past and find my true power as a spiritual healer.

Therapy? After about a dozen therapists, I have discovered ways to communicate directly with my team of non-physical Guides.

They have helped me to heal myself in a relatively short time span. With an effectiveness and a step by step guidance that surpasses the combined effects of all my therapy by miles and miles...

I am so grateful for them, for my teachers & for all the people that have put their faith in me and allowed me to help them heal. 

To help them find true Joy and Happiness and

co-creation with their Guides.

Do you want to awaken to Infinite Peace, Joy & Love from Source?

Compassion and understanding for you.

My life and all the experiences of learning how to be compassionate and non-judging is quite phenomenal, my own guides have told me...
Spiritual Transformation

Healing Love supports you with your ascension.

I can show you how you can fill up with Healing Love so you can move forward on your Path of  Healing & Transformation. 

Spiritual Tools

Easy tools that even a child can use.

These tools connect you to your non-physical Guides. Understanding these tools will give you unlimited access to Infinite Intelligence & help you discover your True Power.

Do you want to get a 1st sample?

and experience unconditional Love for you?

Take the next step in your Spiritual Healing Process.

Try this Magical Healing Love Meditation!

In this meditation you will fill up with unconditional Love, Safety & Security from the Devine Mother.

AND you will make a Heart Connection with your Devine Inner Child.

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