10 ways to raise your vibration.
8 January 2021 

10 ways to raise your vibration.

Raise your vibration and connect to your Devine Power!

Raising your vibration, and finding ways that will work for you, is essential in any endeavor a human being can make.

You are part of a bigger movement of people who are taking the spiritual path and starting to understand more and more what your true nature is, and how powerful your true nature is. We are all expressions of the Creator, expressions of pure love. And we get to create like the Creator does.

Can you imagine being able to focus the power that created this Universe? Because that is what you will be able to do when you keep raising your vibration.

Quite a big deal actually!Devine Source Power

First I will explain what vibration actually is, why your vibration is important and the most common mistake I see people make when they want to raise their vibration.

Then I will go into the 10 ways of raising your vibration, and you might discover some new and helpful ways to do that.

Here goes:

What is vibration?

Vibration is the overall energy that you are sending out into the world. All things are made of energy, that means that you too are made up of energy.

Law of Attraction is all the time reacting to the energy that you send out. You are like a sender and receiver of energy and in that sending and receiving of energy you might have noticed that the energy that you have sent out, is equal to the energy you are receiving.

Like for instance the energy of thoughts or ideas that pop up in your mind, or the energy in your encounters with other people. That is all energy you have received.

Example of sending and receiving energy:Vibration of confusion

When I am not feeling so good, or when I am in a state of confusion, I become aware that I am receiving thoughts about problems. And in that state of confusion those problems seem hard to solve: I don’t see the solutions.

Or, when I am in a state of confusion, I meet people that are in the same state. They talk about their problems, they have a lot to complain about and most of what they say is about these complaints. Which is leading to frustration and irritation with oneself or others.

Your reality is like a magic mirror, in which you see the reflection of the vibrations you have sent out, always, 100% of the time.

And that can be quite overwhelming to think about. The ego can go: Really? I have created a reality in which I have to stay home, a reality of Covid and lockdowns?

And then I would have to say, yes, we as a human collective have created this situation with our collective subconscious.

Does the subconscious also have a vibration?

Yes it does! 90% of our vibration comes from the subconscious and only 10% comes from the conscious part of you. And a lot of times, when you did not see things coming that have shown up in your reality, the vibration of your subconscious has attracted those things into your reality.

Or when you notice that you have a repeating pattern of behavior that you don’t want, or repeating patterns in your relationships or friendships, that all comes from the subconscious.

Or when lack in any form is repeating itself in your life, like:raise vibration frequency

  • Not enough money
  • Wanting more love but not receiving it
  • Shortage of true affection
  • Shortage of like minded people to connect with
  • Not enough focus and concentration
  • Shortage of courage
  • Lack of trust…

All those lacks are buried in the subconscious but they can be healed.

The subconscious works in layers and with training your awareness, by meditation for instance, you will become conscious of layer after layer of your subconscious. And when that happens you can heal each layer to help raise your vibration.

How do you know what your vibration is?

The most obvious symptom of your vibration is your emotion. Simple, right?

The thing is, most people are not aware of their emotions. We all have been indoctrinated that emotions are not that important, you just have to get over them!

So, how do you start to be more aware of your emotions, that indicate your vibration, which Law of Attraction is reacting to 100% of the time?

Ask yourself this simple, but very effective question: How do I feel?

how to raise vibration

It seems too simple to be effective, but it works like magic!

Just take a few moments in the morning and ask yourself this important question. I do it every day. And I am sometimes surprised that I don’t know the answer straight away. So then I sit with that question a little longer until I get the answer.

When I do have the answer, for instance, when I feel anxiety, I know how to raise that vibration. When I feel uncertain or frustrated, I raise that vibration.

And I might not be able to do that every time, but the more you practice the awareness of your emotions and then raising them if they are uncomfortable, the easier it becomes. Just like learning a craft. It takes practice.

Why is your vibration important?

Like I said earlier, Law of Attraction is reacting 100% of the time to your vibration. All humans are creators, we create our own reality by the vibrations that we send out.

And because we are creators, we are always in the process of creating something new, whether you are aware of that or not. Being a creator is simply our nature.

So when you want to create a better future for yourself, or when you want to help humanity create a better future, raising your vibration is the fundamental thing to do.

Example of how vibration works:

Let’s say you want to create a new job, or start your own business, or whatever you want to attract into your reality.

tune your vibration

When your vibration is in the frustration or anxiety mode, you will not see a clear path that will lead you to your desired outcome.

Let’s use the metaphor of a radio to make things clear. A radio, just like you, is a receiver and sender of vibrations, or frequencies. And let’s say that the frequency of frustration and anxiety is being broadcasted on 102 AM. And the frequency of clarity and solutions is being broadcasted on 78 FM.

When you are tuned to the frequency of 102 AM (frustration and anxiety), does that mean that the radio station on 78 FM is not broadcasting? No, this radio station of solutions and clarity is broadcasting all the time.

You are just, in the moment you are feeling frustration and anxiety, not able to receive the radio station of clarity and solutions.

That is all, and that is not a judgement about you when you are in that emotion. It is just the way that this natural law works.

We often judge ourselves when we are in negative emotions. But the judging of ourselves is not helpful when you want to raise your vibrations. The judging is actually lowering your vibrations even further…

If you want to know how to let go of judgments, listen to episode #5 of my podcast (Heart Travels with Baukje). CLICK HERE to listen to it.

Most common mistake when you want to raise your vibration.

The mistake I see most often is that people want to shift their vibration, but they are impatient. They want to make huge steps in feeling better and they expect it to be possible to go from frustration or anxiety straight into happiness or bliss.

But these big steps are going against the laws of nature. It might be that the vibration you are trying to raise, has been with you for a while. Which means it has some momentum. So you have, maybe without being aware that you did, been listening to that radio station for a while.

The radio station has become practiced and easy to find. The tuner wants to go there automatically. That’s just the way momentum works.

So then when you expect your emotions to change fast, there is a chance of getting even more frustrated.

A better expectation is to take small steps in changing your vibration. I mean, every process of change is just a chain of small steps. Small steps that help you to change your vibration fundamentally.

10 ways to raise your vibration.

  1. Meditation, quieting your mind. When you quiet your mind, your tuner automatically tunes to the vibration of your Soul, or your Higher Self. And your Soul always stays at the highest vibration of unconditional love. When my mind is busy, I like to use a guided meditation. For instance this one on YouTube of Abraham Hicks. There are 4 of them in total they work really good! (they are called: General Well Being, Financial Well Being, Physical Well Being and Relationship Well Being)
  2. Practice satisfaction. You can also practice gratitude, but in a state of frustration that might be hard, just because from that frequency of frustration, the step to gratitude is too big. And satisfaction is a smaller step, to make it easier to raise your vibration. So ask yourself, what can I be satisfied about?
  3. Fill up with the unconditional love and nurturing from the Devine Mother. This is the energy of your root chakra. The best color to use according to the Archangels is ruby red. On chakra charts you might find scarlet for this chakra. But scarlet, or fire engine red, can bring up anger. And while it is sometimes good to bring up anger (in the healing process), when you want to raise your vibration and feel better, use ruby red instead. It is softer and safer.

Easy meditation Devine Mother’s Love.

This will fill you up with unconditional love and safety and nurturing energy of the Devine Mother. You can sit down for this or do it standing up.raise vibration meditation

Close your eyes and hold the intention that there are roots growing out of your root chakra (at the base of your spine) and out of your feet. They are growing into Mother Earth. The roots grow all the way to the center of the earth.

Hold the intention that with these roots, you are filling up with ruby red energy, coming from Mother Gaia. With every breath in you are filling your whole vessel with ruby energy. You can see this energy filling up your whole body and energy system. And if visualization is not your thing, holding the intention will do the work for you.

  1. Music is another easy way to change your vibrations and influence your emotions in a positive way. For instance, whenever I had a relationship break up, I wanted to listen to just a handful of songs. These songs and their lyrics got me in touch with the sadness and grief, or sometimes anger, that I had because of the breakup. They helped me to feel my emotions. When you want to raise your vibration, you want to hold into account that you can’t take big steps. For instance when you feel frustrated, listening to really happy and upbeat music will only frustrate you even more. Because the step you are trying to make is too big. For that reason alone I have created an Easy Music playlist for myself, which has songs on it that I can use when I am feeling negative emotions.
  2. Walking in nature is very effective. Why is that so? Everything in nature, every tree, leaf of grass, every animal and every particle of air is vibrating on the highest frequency of Devine Love.devine mothers vibration Being in nature, surrounded by expressions of Devine unconditional Love, is like taking a bath in this Devine Love. Your vibration will rise automatically. And the physical act of walking is activating energy meridians in your body, plus it will help you to land in your body and get out of your mind. Even watching nature documentaries (the ones that do not talk about us ruining nature, for instance on Netflix there is one that is called Moving Art). Even listening to nature sounds (search on YouTube) is a great way to raise your vibration.
  3. Focus your thoughts on subjects that feel good to think about. These are usually subjects that do not have a lot to do with ourselves. For instance, I use the sweet little 2 year old boy that lives next door a lot for this. When ever I think about him I feel my vibration rise. Or flowers, looking at flowers, thinking about their colors, thinking about their perfect construction. Or thinking about a mountain stream, the fresh clear water, the sun shining, birds singing.
  4. Listen to Spiritual teachers. Because usually, they have a high vibration. Plus, the way they talk and bring their message is done in a way to raise your vibration. Just like this post by the way 😊
  5. Think general good feeling thoughts. Lots of times when we experience negative emotions, our thoughts are too much into the specifics of the negative thing that we are dealing with in that moment. So taking your focus out of the specifics and focusing towards general good feeling thoughts is quite helpful.

    Examples of general good feeling thoughts:

    I have dealt with problems before and the solutions always came. When I look back on these problems I’ve had and the solutions that came, I can see that things are always working out for me. I might not see it in the moment I am focused on this problem, but it is true that things always work out.

    Or: I am a good person and I know my Higher Self is taking care of me. higher self raise frequencyLet me just relax a bit because I am not going to solve this right now and that is ok. My Higher Self already knows the solutions, so the solutions already exist. Feels good to know that the solutions already exist and that my Higher Self is on it because my Higher Self always has my back. It is law that for every question there is an answer and for every problem there is a solution, so what I am looking for already exists, even if it hasn’t manifested yet. All I have to do is relax, just take it easy and give all of this to my Higher Self to work it out.

  6. Which brings me to: give your problems to your Higher Self to solve them. Let your Soul come up with the solutions! I myself have a visual to do that. I see the Devine Feminine part of my soul as a Queen on a throne and the Devine Masculine part of my soul as a King. And sometimes I visit them and I just give things to them. Like my business, or my marketing, or my friendships, or my bank account. And I say: here is my business (for example), I give it to you. There are some problems with X, Y or Z and I am asking you for the solutions. Please let me know when the timing is right for the solutions and I thank you for your wisdom and inspiration. When ever it comes. And then I let it go. Then it is up to my soul. Because surrendering to the plan of your soul is a step that will open you up to use the resources of the whole Universe. If you want to know more, listen to THIS PODCAST.
  7. Spiritual Healing or Inner Child Healing. This is the healing of the subconscious, which is 90% of us humans. In your subconscious all your experiences from this life and past lives are stored. All beliefs you have picked up are stored there too. To transform and heal the hurts and negative beliefs in the subconscious is a way to fundamentally raise your vibration.

    Why is my vibration not steady?

    Well, we as humans constantly face reality. And reality is full of contrast, meaning: full of what we want and what we don’t want.

    Plus we are told that facing reality is a good thing. The thing with that is, that the reality we are facing has already been created. It is like looking at the end product of our creation. Which usually does not bring us a lot of satisfaction in the long run. Because there is wanted and unwanted stuff in reality. And that being so is a good thing because the unwanted part of our reality is inspiring to new creations. So all is well.raise vibration manifestation

    But if you want to raise your vibration, to create a better reality with ease, meaning with the help of your Higher Self, the best thing to do is to be aware of your emotions for a while, and not focus so much on the already manifested reality.

    Your emotions are the pre-manifestation symptoms of what you are in the process of manifesting. So they give you pre manifestational awareness, while looking at your reality gives you post manifestational awareness.

    Making your emotions the most important thing to focus on and doing whatever feels good to you in the moment is the best way to become more steady or more consistent in the vibrations of feeling good. Plus it will help you to create what your heart desires to create.

    There is also a huge chance that the unsteadiness of your vibration comes from the subconscious. The healing of the Inner Child is then important to consider.

    How do you raise the vibration in a room?

    If you want to clean the vibrations in your house for instance, take some incense or essential oil and with the intention of cleaning the house, go through all the rooms, next to all the walls and the floor.

    It is really helpful when you have had visitors that are not that positive. Or when you have discussed problems with a friend for instance.

    If you want to raise the vibration in a group of people, it is essential to have a steady vibration yourself.

    You might have noticed that when you are feeling really good and you step into a group if people, your really good mood tends to rub off on the other people. You just say the right things, your energy is all over the room and it is steady.


    I hope you understand that raising your vibration is quite important. Especially if you are in the process of creating something new, which in fact we all are, all of the time. 😊

    There are off course numerous ways to do this. I just think it is important that you become more and more aware of your vibrations and emotions. Important that you develop ways to make you feel better when needed. Because if you have more ways to do that, you have more fun doing it. And then you have a recipe to feel better in every situation you encounter.

    Did you like this post? Leave a comment if you like… that is much appreciated!!!

    Or maybe you want to share your own ways of raising your vibration?

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I have discovered, through my own healing of trauma, that I have easy access to Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels. My sensitivity used to be a burden. Now it has become my biggest asset. I am quite direct and upfront and communicate the messages of your Guides. For they know you from the inside out and they know what needs to be healed in order for you to experience the joy of life.
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