Spiritual Teacher

I am a spiritual messenger,

to help you communicate with your Spirit Guides.

And to teach you to do the same!

Spiritual Teacher Baukje Westerlaken
Belinda Womack

Baukje has the compassion of an Angel and the wisdom of an ancient Shaman. 

She is gifted in ways beyond measure and with such a vast array of her own life experiences, she is able to relate to anyone, going through a challenging life transition. 

Baukje  is the "real deal," and all who are willing to dive deep into their inner selves will benefit from her coaching! .

Belinda Womack

Author of Lessons from the 12 Archangels,

Divine Intervention in Daily Life

spiritual teachings

My life has been a quest to heal myself of past trauma’s 


help others heal.

 For the biggest part of this life I felt lost... So many questions, so much suffering.


How to enjoy this human experience? What am I here to do & how to do that?


The spiritual path has led me to connect & communicate with my Spiritual Guides.

They help me to understand the value of my suffering, which is to find the truth about who I am: a Shaman with an Angelic soul.


They help me to connect to your team of non-physical Guides and Angels.

So you too can find Inner Peace and fully awaken to your Spiritual Power.  


Together we can create a better world, with respect, love and compassion for everyone. 

How my suffering helped me to discover my Souls mission.

Take the next step in your Spiritual Healing Process

... and experience Magical Love.

Try this Magical Love Meditation.

Free of any charge.

In this meditation you will fill up with unconditional love, safety & nurturing energy of the Devine Mother. 

AND you will make a Heart Connection with your Devine Inner Child.

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