heart chakra healing

Heart & Soul Healing Sessions

release suffering and evolve your consciousness 

After doing private sessions for more than a decade 

(I coached 1000+ very gifted individuals)...

I see clear patterns in the type of people that my team of Guides and Angels send me.

Most of these loving and talented people are:

High Sensitive Person

High Sensitive, some are Uber Sensitive. They are very intelligent, including emotional intelligence.

Because of their high levels of sensitivity, they have challenges to distinguish between their own emotions and those of others.

Spiritual connection

They are aware they are “wired” differently than other people and feel a longing to connect to their own kind of people.

Because they are being misunderstood by less sensitive people, they may have trust issues, so they mostly keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves.
Spiritual Intuition

Most are creative, inventive, and very intuitive. They know in their core that they are here "on a mission". Many don't remember what that mission is or how to go about it. 

On their mission, they give and give and give but have a hard time receiving what they themselves need and desire (help, money, love, true connection, etc.) This sacrifice of their own well being becomes a struggle to manifest their own heart's desires.   

Spiritual Awareness

With their sensitivity comes an intuitive awareness of how things work, therefor rigid rules don’t work well for them.

Other peoples negativity drains their energy, which results in having a hard time finding consistency with loving kindness, for themselves and others.
Spiritual Contribution

They have a loving heart and want to contribute to other people’s healing and well being. They are driven to help raise the vibrations of mother Earth and humanity as a whole.

But not knowing how to heal their old emotional wounds (that have turned into frustration, powerlessness, doubtfulness. resentments, etc.), is standing in the way.
Spiritual Freedom

A strong sense of truth, ethics, justice and freedom is very common among them.

But seeing through the illusion of this 3D reality is not always easy, especcially when they feel stuck in old patterns and not able to move forward as fast as they want.

If this resonates with you...

Spiritual Health

Support your ego to surrender to your Soul!

The ego (our individuality) can feel trapped in old hurts, insecurity and non supportive patterns. The calling of the Soul can start as a soft whisper, but when the ego does not respond (out of fear or uncertainty), this calling can rise to thundering heights.

When the ego has healed enough, it is capable to truly trust, come home to the Heart and surrender to the calling of your Soul.

During consultations I connect to your Higher Self, Inner Child and your team of Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and deceased loved ones.

These Guides know exactly how this process of healing the conscious and subconscious will most effectively take place.

ALL topics can be discussed. For your team of non-physical helpers nothing is off limits.

Topics include:

  • how to have healthy relationships
  • how to safely make a career change as a professional
  • wanting to learn transformational skills as a coach
  • ignite your own spiritual growth
  • wanting to help others do the same
  • how to focus on your own personal development and self actualization

Your Guides are eager to help you!

To experience joy & abundance all around, to be in harmony with yourself & others, to fully awaken to your Devine Nature, to manifest according to the highest good and greatest joy for all of us!

Alisha Autar

I call Baukje my "guru", which literally means the "dispeller of darkness". She shines light on dimensions beyond my sensory perceptions and my psychological drama.

Because of Baukje, I discovered my own sensitivity. She gives me tools to go through to life more effortlessly and to be able to manage my own energy.

Alisha Autar - Senior Associate

What makes this Spiritual Healing so effective?

The power of your subconscious mind

This healing works on the subconscious, where all life experiences are stored.

You create your reality from the inside out.

90% of this creation is determined by your subconscious.

All your experiences, beliefs, hurts and trauma's

(from this lifetime AND previous lifetimes) are stored here. 

This Spiritual Healing not only helps you to consciously understand why you hold on to certain beliefs and patterns.

Most importantly, it helps you to truly heal your subconscious and let go of these non supportive beliefs and patterns.

So your ego can relax and trust that it is supported at all times.

Chakra Healing

This healing works on your chakra's, which raises your vibration.

Your chakra's are your Devine energy centers. Healing the energy of your chakra's will directly raise your vibration. And Law of Attraction is responding to the vibrations your send out.

So healing your chakra energy will make the manifestation of whatever you want an easy and joyful ride!

This healing will heal your Karma.

Karma means: incomplete lessons from schoolroom Earth that must be learned and balanced for the ego, to continue evolving into a state of Oneness with all Creation 

Learning these Karmic lessons will:

  • open you to further your spiritual awakening
  • heal your past (this & previous lives)
  • step by step release your (ego) suffering
  • consciously connect and communicate with your Spiritual Guides
  • give you answers to all kinds of questions
  • evolve your consciousness
  • help you to manifest according to the greatest good and highest joy for all
  • envelope yourself with Love from Source at any time
  • help you find truth and tranquility
  • connect you to Inner Peace, to live in harmony and love
  • and more...

I am ready to book my Heart & Soul Healing Session!

What happens in a Heart & Soul Healing Session?

During the sessions I will ask you to share what is happening in your life and what your desires are. It does not matter if you want to work on private or work issues. 

If you are ready for a next step in your vocation or any creative project, ready to change patterns in your relationships, ready to experience more abundance, ready to grow your overall level of flow and happiness... Heart & Soul sessions will show you the way!

I will connect to your team of Spirit Guides, your Higher Self, your Inner Child and your Guardian Angels and share their wisdom with you. They know what is hidden in your subconscious, they know what is holding you back from creating your desires. 

Your Guides know the most effective way to heal!

The ego needs to let go of doubt, fear and control. Your team of Guides know exactly what you are ready to let go of and what works best for you. They have insider knowledge 😇.

When the ego is in a happy place, trusting and stable, the Soul can direct your life forward with a magic and efficiency that still humbles me.

Things just effortlessly fall into place with ease and flow when the ego relaxes and surrenders to the Soul.

Are you ready to experience a spirit lifting, deepest cleansing and magical Heart & Soul session?


Sessions are done by zoom (https://zoom.us/)

Before the session I send you a private link.

If you are able to come to Amsterdam for a f2f session, you are welcome to do so. Please ask me if this is your preference.

Sessions are recorded so you can listen back at your own convenience and redo the healing visualizations done during the session..
Sessions are 75 - 90 minutes.
Sessions cost 250 euro's.
You can do single sessions or buy a package of sessions with a discount. (only after your 1st session)

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