How to ask & receive help from your Spirit Guides.
8 December 2020 

How to ask & receive help from your Spirit Guides.

Discovering the guidance from your Spirit Guides makes the spiritual path so much easier.

The spiritual path (and life in general), with all it’s twists and turns can be quite an adventure. And on this adventure it is very helpful to discover that we all have a team of Spirit Guides who give us guidance on this path of self discovery.

In this post I will show you why your Spirit Guides are so helpful to communicate with and how to do that.

But first…

Why do we have spirit guides?

Spirit guides are here to help us on school room Earth to learn our karmic lessons. We are all here to learn to transform fear, uncertainty, anger, frustration and those negative emotions back into love and compassion. So that we can create Heaven on Earth…transform fear

Our Spirit Guides are here to give us valuable guidance on the part of Spiritual Transformation.

We are all expressions of Source, made of love. Our ego, that has been designed to believe in fear, to believe it is separate from Source, holds on to old hurt and suffering.

Transformation of that suffering back into love helps us to let the love from Source flow freely through us.

It is helpful in this process of transforming fear and separation back into love, to understand more about our ego.

What is an ego?

You have had thousands of lives. Some people proclaim they have an old soul. Well, we all have.

In all these thousands of lives you have lived, you have been hurt. The ego holds on to hurt, it simply has been designed to do that. It does that because it believes that holding on to the hurt keeps it safe.

Before you were born your soul has chosen your parents, your soul chooses them with great precision.

Before your birth, your soul gathers all that hurt and suffering from past lives, all that fear and separation that has not yet been transformed and programs it in your DNA.

The role of your parents is not just to take care of you, but also to reinstill the wounds from these past lives back into your ego.

And then it is up to you, with the help of your Spirit Guides, to transform those wounds back into love.

What is karma? 

Karma is the collection of uncompleted life lessons that you came in to learn here on schoolroom Earth. We all came into this life with the intention of learning these karmic lessons and finding ways to give expression to our true authentic nature, our Source part.

Learning these karmic lessons will help us to continually evolve into a state of Oneness with all Creation.

The state of Oneness with all Creation is what is called FLOW, or being in the zone. You know, when life feels awesome, when things just naturally fall into place. When great ideas just flow into your brain with ease, when love, compassion and inspiration come easy.

An example of a karmic lesson.

Let’s say that a person in a past life has been hurt because of their beliefs. In medieval times that was quite common. Lots of people learned to not speak up and say what they thought, because the risk was death or incarceration.

So in this life, let’s say the soul of this person has chosen parents that have the mindset that the child just has to obey the parents.

I myself for instance, have had past lives in which it was not safe to publically come out as a healer. Imagine doing that during the times of the Inquisition by the Catholic church. I would have been burned at the steak!

So in this life, I encounter a fear of what might people think when I tell them I am a Spiritual Healer. To be honest, I have had some transforming to do before even making this website public.

How do you know what your karmic lessons are?

First, you don’t have to be conscious of all your karmic lessons before you can start transforming them. The way I perceive the transformational process is that layer after layer is coming to my conscious awareness.

Just like an onion that you peel the layers off of.Transformation

In general, you can look at situations that repeat themselves In your life. Situations or experiences in which there are different faces, different places, but the same ball game.

Your soul or Higher Self is guiding you to the encounter with these situations to make you aware of a karmic lesson.

More examples of karmic lessons:

You can often see your karmic lessons in your relationships. I used to attract guys to have relationships with that were full of hurt. Guys that needed help.

And yes I gave that to them, I tried anyway. But I became aware of my ego thoughts when I encountered guys that were not needing any help from me. My ego had thoughts like: : “This guy is taking care of his own emotions and hurts, so why would he be interested in me?”

In other words: I had a false belief that I needed to be of emotional assistance to another person and if that was not needed, I believed I had no value. Which says a great deal about my ego believing that other people would only be interested in me when I could help them.

Yep, a story of unworthiness…Self esteem

So let me ask you: do you feel seen and heard in your relationships and friendships? Do you feel that your needs are met? Or do you feel like the one that is mostly giving and helping, and the other is mostly receiving from you?

There are karmic lessons to be learned by you to find balance in the giving and receiving.

Do you feel free to express who you are in your work? Is your work bringing you happiness and fulfulment?  And a sense of doing something important and valuable?

If not, there are karmic lessons awaiting you to find the freedom of free expression. And to find the value in you being exactly who you are.

Karmic lessons of lack and abundance.

A lot of us have chosen parents that would instill wounds in us of lack. Not enough attention or affection. A shortage of love or compassion. Insufficient acknowledgement or even safety.

This story of lack can repeat itself throughout your life as a shortage in lots of areas. Not finding inner peace and feeling you have to do something useful all the time. A lack of money and uncertainty about money. Not enough friends, or friends that don’t really get you. Not feeling safe to choose the work that you would most love to do. Etc.

All these situations are not in your experience to stop you, but they are there to show you where love has been missing, to show what needs transformation so you can pursue your heart’s desires. So you can express your authentic self in work and relationships.

And in this process of transformation, our Spirit Guides are eager to help you! So let’s see who they are and how to receive their guidance.

Who are your Spirit Guides?

Your team of guides is a mix of deceased loved ones, ascended Masters, Angels and other non-physical beings. And all they want to do is guide you in your transformational process. So you too can experience Oneness with all Creation, and the bliss and flow that brings.

In other words: your Spirit Guides want show you how to release and transform the hurts from the past. They want to guide you to find the places within you where love has been missing. And then teach you to fill those places with love from Source.Spiritual Guidance

When you do that, there comes more space within you to experience flow and ease, to let Source energy flow freely through you.

It is like there is a team of cleaning ladies ready to help you clean out your cellar, like a spring cleaning. And you know what happens when you do a spring cleaning?

Your house becomes more clear with fresh air and fresh energy. There is more room for happiness and satisfaction.

And your team of guides is also very eager to help you to manifest all your heart’s desires. Whether that is a loving relationship, a healthy body, a vocation that fits you like a hand made glove or abundance in any area of your life.

So they are not only willing to help you clean up your ego, but they want to guide you towards whatever your wishes are as well.

These beings are wise and know you inside out. They see the bigger picture of all your lifetimes and they know what needs to be transformed in order for you to manifest all that you want.

That is the way I see it working with all my clients (and myself as well). They have a strong desire, but their ego is standing in the way of them creating their desire. Always…

Untill they do the inner work and clean up their ego.

How do you connect and communicate with your team of Spirit Guides?

Ask for help!!! Just the simple act of asking for what you need is enough. (I will show you in a bit how to do that exactly.)

But Baukje…. (you might think), is it really that simple? YES, it is!!!

We have been indoctrinated that as an adult, we have to be able to solve our own problems and asking for help is weak.

But hey, if we could solve our own problems we would not have a problem in the first place…

We need our Spirit Guides to help us solve our problems!

Once you start asking for help from your team of spiritual guides, and notice the high quality of their answers and solutions, you’ll notice that life becomes easier and easier.

Plus, their solutions are for the highest good and greatest joy for all concerned.

For instance, I asked for help with buying a car. I wanted to buy a second-hand car and asked for help from my team.  I said: “Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to find the perfect car for me. The perfect car for my finances and for the travels I desire to do with this car.

I also ask regularly for clients that are exactly ready for what I have to offer.

Within 2 weeks I got a new client who is a car salesman. He had been a mechanic as well. Perfect combination!

I hit it off with him, we had an amazing 1st session. After our session I asked him if he wanted to help me to buy a good second-hand car. He said yes and now I have a really good second-hand car. One that feels safe and is well maintained. One that will help me move through life in a comfortable way. Because of his help!

You see how this solution is perfect in so many ways? I have a new client that is exactly ready for what I have to offer and teach him. Which makes both of us happy. And I have a car that is exactly what I need right now.

Another example:  I have a dog named Gaia. She is a hunting dog. I have trained her well, but when she starts hunting in places where there are rabbits and other small animals, I can no longer control her. I desire for her to walk freely and to be on the leash as little as possible. But when she goes off hunting I can’t guarantee her safety, it doesn’t feel good to me.Gratitude attitude

So, I asked for help from my team of Spirit Guides. I said: “Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to find a way to control Gaia in such a way that I can go on adventurous walks with my dog and she will stay with me.”

Through a friend who also owns a dog that needs training, I met this trainer. I talked to the trainer about my dog and she said that she also owns a hunting dog and that it is very well possible to control the hunting.

This trainer is quite expensive, so back to my house from this meeting I said to my Spirit Guides: “Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to find the financial resources to pay for this trainer.”  About 2 hours after I got home my dog friend called and told me she received an inheritance and offered me to pay for the lessons of this trainer!

How amazing is that?!!!!

Tips on communicating with your team of Spirit Guides.

  • Asking for help is the first step. If you are just starting out with this asking, start with little things, with mundane things. For example, having a nice meal, getting a free cup of coffee, being exactly on time for an appointment, little things like that.
  • It does not matter to your team of Guides how big or small your question is, they are just eager to help. Starting with little things is just to get you to trust the process of asking and receiving their help.
  • When you have had some practice with those little things you can ask for more important things. Because your level of trust has grown, you are now ready to ask for solutions for more important issues in your life.
  • Let go of the need to know how the help will come, how the solution to your problem will manifest.Spiritual Help Just try to relax in the knowing that it is on its way to you.
  • Take your focus away from the problem you are trying to solve… Because your focus on the problem is making it harder for you to receive the solution. Instead of focusing on the problem, do whatever you can do to feel as good as possible. We have been taught that facing our problems head on is a good idea. That is a false belief… Have you ever experienced that solutions to your problems just came into your thoughts when you just woke up? Or when you were on a hike or taking a shower? That is because in those situations you were relaxed, not focused on the problem. And that made you able to receive the solution into your thoughts.
  • State your question for help as a statement of gratitude, as if you have already received the answer. I have reserved the 3 thank you’s for my team of Spirit Guides.
  • Find the positive outcome you are looking for in your thank you statement. For instance, if there is a person that you want to avoid bumping into, it will not help you to say: “Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to avoid this person.” Say instead: “Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to meet people I am eager to talk to.”
  • When you’ve had some practice with this asking and receiving help process, you can start to ask for help with the transformation of your karma. Or when you need help with that, you are welcome to ask for my help.

What to do when the guidance does not come?

If that happens, there are a few possible scenario’s playing out:

  • It might be that your thinking mind is too busy to hear the guidance of your Spirit Guides. Quieting your mind through meditation then helps. Once you feel your mind is quiet, listen for thoughts that come. They come from your Guides.Spiritual Surrender
  • We often expect the guidance to come in Earth shaking insights, but the truth is they are usually very simple and basic. Sometimes the Spirit Guides tell you to take a walk for instance. That seems just too easy. But you will encounter people, situations or thoughts on that walk that were the reason for them to send you on that walk.
  • Another possible scenario is that the wounded Inner Child does not feel safe enough to experience what it is that you want. For instance, when you want guidance on finding a relationship and the Inner Child is expecting to get hurt in that relationship (because that has been the case in previous relationships), what first needs to happen is to heal those expectations. Because otherwise the wounded Inner Child’s hurt will prevent you from finding that relationship. If you want to know more about the Inner Child, read this post: Inner Child Healing
  • And then there is Devine Timing. All happens in Devine Timing and trying to force anything (ego’s have the tendency to think that that’ll work) just does not work.
  • Your Soul might have a better plan for you, one which you might not yet be aware of. And the Soul’s plan, plus the outcome, is always way better than what the ego can come up with. Your Soul’s plan is always for the highest good and greatest joy for all. In that case: surrender to your Soul. That’s not the easiest thing for our ego… Wanna know more? Here’s a post about the Art of Spiritual Surrender.


We all have our own team of Spirit Guides. They are here to help us to transform our suffering back into love. But they are also eager to help us to create and manifest our heart’s desires.

We have been told we need to solve our own problems, but our team of Spirit Guides help us to find solutions that are for the highest good and greatest joy for all.

I don’t know about you, but asking for help and receiving help or gifts was never easy for me. I never trusted others enough to let them help me. Through the transformation of my ego and my wounded Inner Child that I have been going through, I have learned to trust myself and to trust the guidance of my team. Because I have learned to trust myself more, I attract people who’s help I can trust.

Has this post been valuable to you? Leave a comment if you like! That is much appreciated. 😍🙏













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I have discovered, through my own healing of trauma, that I have easy access to Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels. My sensitivity used to be a burden. Now it has become my biggest asset. I am quite direct and upfront and communicate the messages of your Guides. For they know you from the inside out and they know what needs to be healed in order for you to experience the joy of life.
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