Inner Child healing to make the Law of Attraction work.
4 August 2020 

Inner Child healing to make the Law of Attraction work.

Inner Child Healing is a very effective way to attract your hearts desires with Law of Attraction.

Do you sometimes feel frustrated that Law of Attraction does not attract for you what you want?

I can relate! I have had my share of hardship and went to hell and back to find ways to make Law of Attraction work for me. It was so frustrating! But then I discovered Inner Child healing. My world went upside down and because of this healing process I am now able to manifest according to the highest good and greatest joy for all!

I have honestly never been happier and more balanced than right now… and these feelings are still deepening and expanding!

So…. are you curious about what I did and how that worked? Keep reading!!!

 Some questions I have for you:

  • Can you imagine having an internal Devine helper that you can access whenever you want?
  • A Devine helper that connects you to your Higher Self, your team of non-physical guides, Angels and Ascended Masters?
  • That will show you every step of the way on your spiritual path how you can manifest your hearts & souls desires???
  • A Devine helper that is all knowing??? (ghast… really Baukje??? ALL knowing??? YES!!!!)

inner child power

This is what your Inner Child can do for you!

Are you interested in finding out more about this internal Devine helper we all have?

Good! Lets dive in and find out what Inner Child healing can do for you.

What is an Inner Child?

The Inner Child is a metaphor for the subconscious. So, the Inner Child IS the subconscious. Seems simple, right?

But then the question arises: what is a subconscious?

Well, the subconscious is like a memory bank in which all events of this life (and previous lives) are stored. All your beliefs are stored in the internal library of your subconscious.

VERY important fact: 90% of our thoughts and our beliefs are subconscious.

So, if you have negative beliefs in your subconscious, chances are huge (enormous actually…) that your life is not working the way you want it to.

Because 90% of our thoughts and beliefs are subconscious, it is of great value to understand the subconscious, communicate with it & heal the non supportive beliefs it holds. 

Which means to heal your Inner wounded Child.

Ehm… How do you find your Inner Child?

Your Inner Child lives in your heart.  Your heart chakra is a dimension that you can visit, like a foreign country that you go to. By visiting your Heart Chakra (in visualisations), you can meet your Inner Child.

What??? Heart Chakra… visit other dimensions??? Huh?

Yeah I know, it was a little weird for me too when I first visited my Inner Child.

But hey, I like to go off the beaten track, so why not visit another dimension to meet my Inner Child?

And the more I visited and healed my Inner Child in this Heart dimension, the more my vibrations (the energy that I send out) raised. Consequently, the more that happened, the easier it became to manifest the life that I desire.

So yeah, this is a big deal!

The Infinite Wisdom of the Inner Child.

Let us go a little deeper: Your Inner Child, just like mine, has two sides:Inner Child types

The Divine Inner Child and the wounded Inner Child.

The Divine Inner Child knows exactly how to heal the wounded Inner Child…

That is right!!! Your Devine Inner Child has all the answers you are looking for!

This Devine Inner Child can help you to communicate with your Higher Self, your non-physical guides, Angels and Ascended Masters.

When I first figured this out, I thought I had to pinch myself… is this real???

The answer is YES!!!

He or she can help you to raise your vibration, heal your inner emotional (subconscious) wounds and make all your dreams come true.

The Devine Inner Child has access to infinite intelligence!

I am not kidding you!

We usually look at children as not being able to do a lot of things we grown ups can do. The thing is, they might not know how to drive a car, but they know everything about trust, confidence, playfulness and being their authentic self.

Which are the emotions and vibrations that most of us would like to attract into our reality.

Children have emotional knowledge & intelligence that is incredibly useful for us grown-ups.

But it goes way further then that!

This Divine Child has even more capabilities.

It is our connection with Source just like our Higher Self. It is able to fill the ego and shadow self with unconditional love, as well as the mental, physical and energy body.

Wow, I thought when I discovered this… this is helpful information.

spiritual abundance

Tapping into to the unconditional LOVE from Source (no matter what your conditions are, no matter what your ego says about you, no matter what the state is of your Inner wounded Child) is an enormous powerful way to change your energy and your emotions.

Because your conditions don’t need to change and you can still fill up with this wave of Unconditional LOVE straight from Source!

To tie all this together: the energy that you send out is the energy with which you attract your reality through Law of Attraction. So filling up with unconditional LOVE directly from Source, is a very effective way to attract this LOVE into your life.

How to heal the wounded Inner Child.

Yes, let’s manage expectations so you can enjoy a smooth healing.

The subconscious (= Inner Child) in which your life experiences (of this life and all previous lifes) are stored is like an onion with layers. 

This means that with healing one layer of the onion, there comes space for the next layer to be revealed. So the process of healing the wounded Inner Child happens in layers and takes some time.

To start the healing process you need to first establish a relationship with the Inner Child.

At the end of this article I will share with you a short visualisation to do this.


When you meet your Inner Child you can do a number of things to start the process of healing:

  • listen and observe. This is one of the most important things you must learn in the relationship with your inner child.  Most people want to tell the Inner Child what to do. Please try not to do this. It works way better to learn to trust that whatever the Inner Child is saying or trying to convey to you is accurate.
  • In some cases the Inner Child is silent, does not want to talk. This is ok! Best is to just sit with the Inner wounded Child and be together. Let your Inner Child know that it is ok not to talk, you will be there, with full curiosity anyway. A spiritual healer is able to hear clearly what your Inner Child is trying to convey.
  • ask open ended questions and listen carefully for the answers that come.
  • look at your inner child, sense the emotion it is showing you.
  • sometimes the Inner Child talks in images. Be aware of whatever comes up in you when you’ve asked the Inner Child a question.
  • find love, compassion and understanding for this Inner Child and whatever it is is telling you.
  • last but certainly not least: take your Inner Child seriously!

What does an Inner Child need?

spiritual safety

This is such a good question! Because by giving the Inner Child what it needs, we immediately raise our own vibration.

This question is focused on the wounded Inner Child. So, here’s some of his or her most important needs:


Like in any relationship, if you want honest answers, safety is key. Makes sense, right? The wounded Inner Child needs to feel secure and safe so that it can tell you anything that is bothering him or her.

It might be that in the beginning of being in contact with your wounded Inner Child, he or she does not feel safe. This is ok. Safety can be established in the healing itself.


This means being open to really listen with your heart. Listening with compassion or loving kindness.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to learn this skill of listening with loving kindness. And again, if that is hard for you, this can be learned in the healing itself.

Unconditional acceptance. 

Take whatever this child says to heart as being important. Sometimes the first steps in this process might seem unimportant to your ego, but remember: your Devine Inner Child can access infinite intelligence. Take the wisdom of this child seriously!!!


Trust that whenever your Inner Child takes you by the hand and wants to show you something it is important for your healing. 

Stepping into your Heart Chakra is like entering a foreign country. Trust that your Inner Child knows the way. He or she is your guide in this heart dimension. 

By now I have been there numerous times and my little Baukje has always been spot on about what I needed to do there.


Healing takes some time, for good reasons by the way. Because the subconscious works in layers, in order for fundamental healing to take place, you have to love transformation. Take the time for this process of healing.  When you do, I guarantee you a fundamental raise in your vibration. 

To make it absolutely clear: a fundamental raise in your vibration means that your overall vibration raises. AND this raise is here to stay!

Remember that all experiences from this lifetime and previous lives are stored in the subconscious.  Offcourse you have had thousands of lives in which you have built up your belief systems and karma.

All this knowledge is accessible to the Inner Child. But it would be crazy to suggest that you can heal a thousand lifetimes worth of karma in 3 weeks.

I am not suggesting that this healing process needs to take forever. After giving it attention for 3 to 6 months, people usually notice way, way, way more emotional balance. They also notice a letting go of unwanted thought- and behaviour patterns, more joy, more intimacy, etc.

By then they have learned the tools to heal most of what comes up. Which means they have most tools to heal themselves.

What happens when you heal your Inner Child?

Here I want to tell you my own experience of the healing process of my wounded little Baukje.

healing hope

What did my life look like before I was healing my Inner wounded Child?

I was…

  • Lacking a fundamental trust. I was constantly questioning myself and my decisions which made it hard to move my projects along at a desirable speed.
  • Giving my power away.
  • Felt emotionally unstable. I was constantly being triggered to emotionally relive the traumas of my past.
  • Repeating patterns of not taking good care of myself.
  • Getting drained of my energy by others.
  • Giving, giving, giving… but not good at receiving (money, attention, energy, help). 
  • Old wounds turned into frustration and a feeling of powerlessness.  
  • Believed I just had to settle for a mediocre life. 
  • Coping with stress and learned behaviour.
  • Internal battles of knowing what I needed to do, but having a hard time doing it.
  • Unable to make desired & lasting changes to my life and my work.
  • Identified with my ego.
  • Struggled off and on with various addictions.


Since I started healing my Inner wounded little Baukje, I:

ego inner child

  • Am mostly aware of my connection to Source.
  • Experience inner peace on a consistent basis.
  • Found freedom to fully express myself. 
  • Rise Above this 3D plane of existence and see through it.
  • Respond to the negative by withdrawal instead of reaction.
  • Feel overwhelming trust in myself and my team of non-physical guides.
  • Feel grounded and centered.
  • In harmony with myself and others. 

And because I have been able to heal so much of my past traumas (also from past lives and ancestral traumas), I feel a deep confidence in my life just getting better and better.

Healing your karma.

Karma is the collection of uncompleted life lessons that you came in to learn here on schoolroom Earth. We all came into this life with the intention of learning these karmic lessons and finding ways to give expression to our true authentic nature. 

Learning these karmic lessons will help us to continually evolve into a state of Oneness with all Creation.

In other words:  to experience divine bliss & ecstasy. I say bring it on!!! ? ?

What keeps you from experiencing this state of One-ness are the negative beliefs and traumatic experiences that are buried in your subconscious. Which means that Inner Child healing (healing of these negative beliefs) will step by step bring you closer to experiencing the state of One-ness.

How this helps you to be your authentic self & express your soul’s desire.

souls desire

souls desire

We are all created by Source. Your authentic self is the closest you can come to how Source has meant you to be.

You came into this life with a desire to express your authentic self.

Plus, every soul has a mission to fulfill in this lifetime.

Your Inner Child has the capability to help you create your heart desires & to fulfill your souls mission.

Your negative beliefs are the only things keeping you from creating whatever you want.

Healing those negative beliefs and traumatic experiences with the help of the Inner Child is the most effective way that I have found to make Law of Attraction work in my favour.

The impact of the Inner Child on the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction states that the energy you send out (the energy of your thoughts and emotions), is the energy with which you attract your reality.  Which means that your reality is like a magic mirror in which you see reflected back to you the energy that you have sent out.

As I have stated earlier in this article, 90% of your thoughts are subconscious. That means that 90% of the energy that you send out (with which you attract your reality) comes from the subconscious.

So you see that the subconscious is playing a huge role in the reality that you are attracting into your life. 

Our reality is like a magic mirror in which we see our own vibrations reflected. So if you want to change something in your reality, you start by changing your own vibrations.

90% of your reality is created/attracted by your subconscious!

This is why healing the subconscious or healing the Inner Child is so effective if you want to fundamentally change the reality you attract, or change your patterns of thinking and behaviour. 


  • the Inner Child IS the subconscious, where 90% of our thoughts and our beliefs are stored.
  • the Inner Child has two sides: the Divine Inner Child and the wounded Inner Child.
  • the Divine Inner Child knows how to heal the wounded Inner Child.
  • the Divine Child has a lot of capabilities. It is our connection with Source just like our Higher Self.
  • it is able to fill the ego and shadow self with unconditional love, as well as the mental, physical and energy body.
  • Inner Child healing helps to fundamentally heal your karma.
  • this healing makes Law of Attraction work in your favor.

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I have discovered, through my own healing of trauma, that I have easy access to Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels. My sensitivity used to be a burden. Now it has become my biggest asset. I am quite direct and upfront and communicate the messages of your Guides. For they know you from the inside out and they know what needs to be healed in order for you to experience the joy of life.
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