Our emotional health needs a shot of compassion.
3 February 2021 

Our emotional health needs a shot of compassion.

Compassion is needed in times of uncertainty.

Polarization in society, groups of people fighting over who is right and who is wrong, lockdowns, QAnon… the reality right now is triggering us to take a stand. Our emotional health is on the line because of the extremes we face.

The deeper truth is that this reality is inviting us to learn about compassion. Not only for others, but most importantly for ourselves. Learning compassion will most definitely help your emotional health in these pandemic times.Spiritual Compassion

I will show you in this post that all of the suffering we see is inviting us to learn compassion. Not just to be of help to others, but to help our own Spiritual Growth. Actually, this suffering and separation is an invitation to wake up to our own Devine Nature. And as a by product, your emotional health will thrive, so you can stay centered.

Compassion definition.

Compassion literally means “to suffer together”. And that definition is not what I mean when I talk about compassion. Emotion researchers define compassion as when a person is confronted by the suffering of others and is motivated to help relieve that suffering. Also not what I mean by compassion…

Compassion is an emotion or energy of the highest vibration, right up there with unconditional love and bliss. It is a lesson that all humans must learn (according to the Archangels). Often a hard and painful lesson. The Law of Free Will states that every adult has the free will to choose. This means you can not choose for somebody else. Plus you are not allowed to take responsability for the choices of others.

Every ego is here to learn to choose love over fear. Sounds simple, right?

Where the “old” definition of compassion is wrong in my view, is that compassion means to suffer together. Because when I meet somebody in pain, do I help that person when I also step into suffering? NO!

I best help that person when I stay aware of my own vibration and keep that high vibration steady. Because only when I am in a high vibration (feeling really good), I have something to give to the other. Only when I feel really good and steady in that good feeling, can I truly help another.

Because then I have easy access to my Higher Self, my Inner Child and my team of non-physical helpers. When I lower my vibration and join in the suffering of another, that connection to my guides becomes harder. And since these guides and Devine parts of myself always know solutions that are for the highest good and greatest joy for all, they are the best guides to help me help another human that is suffering.law of attraction love

Example of how that works.

When you are in a high vibration, when you are feeling good, you are letting Source energy flow through you. When you are in despair, Source energy is not flowing freely, it gets stuck somewhere in your ego.

So when you see the suffering of another, when you see somebody who has pinched themselves off from their Source energy, do you think it is helpful to pinch yourself off of your own Source energy? Off course not!

Being able to connect to the help of your guides when you witness the suffering of another is just plain common sense, don’t you think?

Learning our lessons of compassion.

You are an expression of Source, you are Source energy that is being expressed in your body and you are having a human experience. For good reason I might add. We are here on schoolroom Earth to learn… That is what you do in school, right?

Learning compassion is for almost everybody the most important lesson to learn on the Spiritual Path.

Reality on Earth right now is inviting us to learn the lessons of compassion.

For empaths it is usually easier to find compassion for others, than for yourselves. As I will show you in this post, the situation with the polarization in society, groups of people fighting over who is right and who is wrong, helps us to learn compassion, not just for others, but mainly for ourselves.

Important: I am not here to tell you what to do or what not to do. If you feel called to rebel against anything, by all means. No judgements here about that. I am not here to convince you of any standpoint. All I want to show you is the bigger picture of what is happening so you can decide for yourself.

Reality is like a magic mirror.

And in this mirror we see the reflection of the vibrations (energy) we have sent out. If we see unwanted things in our reality, this just means that there are lessons to learn. It means that in that moment, you have gained more clarity on the curriculum that you have come to learn. And that is a good thing!

Because you are the attractor of your reality (100% of the time, that is just Law), what you see in your magic mirror is telling you where you still need some more compassion, what judging you need to let go of, where you are impatient, where love has been missing, etc.

This reality of polarization, of groups fighting each other, is a reality that has been attracted by these people individually and by the subconscious of the human collective.

This reality of polarization is serving a purpose… 

Everything that is happening serves a purpose, your Higher Self knows that purpose and therefor sees that things are perfectly on their way of becoming. Evolution of humanity is perfectly on track!

So there is a point of view that our Higher Selves have, that makes them trust 100% that this situation is a good thing. Let’s look at that to make things even more clear.

Our Higher Selves see the value of unwanted manifestations.

What happens when we attract something unwanted, when we feel the negative emotions about it, or hear our negative thoughts about it, is that in that moment desires are born. Or the desires you already have become more specific.compassion for yourself

Let’s say that you meet somebody that is not being respectful to you. In the moment you feel disrespected, you launch energetic rockets of desire. Your Higher Self receives these rockets of desire and now knows even more clearly and specificly what it is that you want: people treating you with respect.

Let’s take this just one step further…

You are the attractor of your whole reality, so you have attracted this disrespectful person into your reality. To show you… (tada…. drumroll please…) where you have been disrespectful to yourself!

I mean, you attract your reality with the energy that you send out. 90% of that energy comes from your subconscious, so it might be that you are not conscious of when you are disrespectful of yourself. But any time you step over your boundaries, every time you don’t feel like doing something and you push yourself to do it anyway (because it is the logical thing to do), you are not respectful to yourself and your own emotions.

No judgements about that, but this is just the way it goes.

So what ever you see reflected in the magic mirror we call reality, it shows you where you are already loving and where you are not.

How is this polarization helping to create a better world?

As I said, when you step into unwanted, your Higher Self receives rockets of desire. compassion for othersWhat actually happens is that your desires become an energetic truth that your Higher Self will now help you to create. Abraham Hicks calls the place where your Higher Self receives all your desires: the Vortex.

In this energetic place your desires, that were born out of the unwanted that you have lived, are known. In the Vortex your desire has become an energetic reality and that needs to happen before it can become a manifested reality. Everything is first an energetic reality before it become a see it, smell it, taste it, touch it reality.

From that perspective, all the unwanted stuff that is happening right now on planet Earth, is contributing immensly to the Vortex of humanity!

In the collective Vortex of humanity, the desires for a better world are more and more specific because of all the rockets of desire we shoot out.

What better world are we creating?

Here is what we are asking for, through the unwanted that we see right now:

  • Freedom of choice. The freedom to be who you are, where ever you are on your path of spiritual awakening.
  • More people waking up to their devinity, just because the old ways of thinking (control, judging, blame, shame, guilt, etc) are not helping us no more.
  • Respect for people having different opinions.
  • Living in peace together.
  • Physical safety and security. Physical well being.
  • Knowing that death is just a doorway to the non-physical realm.
  • We take care of our planet, as we lovingly take care of ourselves.
  • Everybody is nurtured and taken care of.
  • Etc.

So you see, having wanted and unwanted situations in society, it all contributes to the creation of a better, desired world.

Another way to look at it.

Because we are creators, I want to take the growing process of a plant to show you something very important.Spiritual growth

First there is a seed, with all the potential of the whole flower in it. There is nothing wrong with the plant, it is just in the seed stage.

When the seed is put in the ground and it gets some water and nutrition, you can see the plant growing out of the seed. It is not blooming yet because it is not ready. Nothing wrong with the plant, it is perfect on it’s way of becoming.

Now it is summer and the plant has flowers. This stage is not better or worse than any other stage. There is nothing wrong with the plant or this stage of his growth. It just is.

When autumn comes that same flowering plant is turning brown and mushy, wilking away. Not a most pretty sight to look at, but there is still nothing wrong with the plant. The stage it is in is perfect for where it is in its growth.

Now, looking at a plant is all fine. But when it comes to our own stages of growth, our ego has all kinds of judgements about what stage of growth we are in. Our ego usually wants us to be in the stage where we have flowers, when we can harvest the benefits of our growth. The ego judges us if we are in another stage of growth.

But look at this:

Seed stage = the stage of the unwanted. In this stage we shoot the rockets of desire, so we are planting the seeds that our Higher Selves are now taking care of.

Spring stage = we are finding ways to feel good, even with the unwanted situation. The seed begins to hatch and grow.

Flowering stage = we are seeing the beauty of what we have sown, reaching goals and time to celebrate!

Autumn stage = we can take what ever we learned from this experience to form nutrients for our future endeavors.

Winter stage = time to rest and relax before the next growing phase begins.

All this explanation to make you see that whatever stage a person is in, if they are in rage, acceptance, satisfaction or utter bliss… these are all stages of the creation process. And nothing wrong with any of these stages.

self compassion

In other words: the seed stage, the stage in which we become aware of the unwanted, is at the basis of our creation! So…

Without unwanted manifestations, the evolution of mankind would stop!!!

Yes!!! Thank God there are unwanted situations! 😁

Unwanted manifestations help us to find the Highest Truth.

So many people have not awakened yet, to the Highest Truth that we are all expressions of Source. That we are all the creators of our own reality, 100% of the time.

We are all souls who found it helpful to learn some more lessons here on schoolroom Earth, otherwise we would not be here. We are learning these lessons to become, or allow ourselves, to be that loving, generous, abundant Devine Being.

Think about this:

I have had thousands of lives. In those lives I have been male and female and I have been all races. In all of those lives (and this one too…) I have been harmed or caused others harm. So, if I have been all that, who I am to judge where ever others are? Where they are right now, I have been or I will be.


How to learn compassion.

Learning compassion is a process. In my experience it is a process in which every time I find myself in negative emotions, or having judging, impatient, controlling, victim or doubting thoughts and I do my inner work, I learn something about compassion.

That inner work can be several things:

  • meditation
  • writing to practice my positive focus
  • healing myself by visiting my inner child and finding forgiveness
  • thinking about what the perspective of my Higher Self is on a certain subject
  • opening my third eye
  • studying the Laws of the Universe
  • asking my non-physical guides for their perspective
  • asking the Archangels and Adcended Masters for their perspective
  • etc.


With every step you make on the Spiritual Path, every little bit of awareness you come to, it all helps to gain more and more compassion. And with compassion it becomes easier to look at the dark sides of your ego. The Buddha already said it: we all have so many sides, and putting all those sides into the light of consciousness will help you to take the suffering out of life.

emotional health

Furthermore: transformation of those dark sides of the ego will help you to step into the power of the Devine Creator that you truly are.

These dark sides of the ego lead us to the biggest treasure of them all: to fully understand and embrace the Devine genius that you are!

About the author
I have discovered, through my own healing of trauma, that I have easy access to Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels. My sensitivity used to be a burden. Now it has become my biggest asset. I am quite direct and upfront and communicate the messages of your Guides. For they know you from the inside out and they know what needs to be healed in order for you to experience the joy of life.
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