Spiritual Beliefs that guide you through times of chaos.
13 January 2021 

Spiritual Beliefs that guide you through times of chaos.

Your Spiritual Beliefs give you clarity and help you to raise your vibration.

Yes, we can come to the conclusion that we are in a huge transition or transformation as a human species. The chaos we see everywhere, in society, in politics, even in nature, are merely the symptoms of this enormous transition.

It is always helpful to have a supporting beliefsystem, it just makes everything easier. Right now it seems more important than ever, just because of the chaos and upheaval we are going through. Having an anchor, having Spiritual Truths that support me during this emotional storm is an important life line for me to keep myself centered and grounded.Supporting Spiritual Beliefs

My supportive Spiritual Beliefs (that give me clarity) help me to stay centered in the midst of chaos.

I will tell you all about them in this article.

But first…

What are Spiritual Beliefs?

Spiritual Beliefs are perspectives that tell you what your relationship is to your Creator, to your Higher Self and to your team of non-physical Guides. These Beliefs also include the reason why you are here on Earth, what you have come to do and how you can look at all of this from the perspective of your Higher Self. They give you clarity on the Devine nature of yourself and your mission here.

Why are Spiritual Beliefs important?

Spiritual Beliefs keep you clear and centered.

Like I said in the introduction, we are in a state of chaos here on schoolroom Earth. You might feel a bit lost sometimes. That is quite normal. The chaos and upheaval we are going through is serving a purpose.

When old systems break down, there is a period of chaos. This chaos is merely a symptom of the old systems breaking down. So the chaos is good news!

We need new systems, new ways of relating to each other. The whole of humanity needs an upgrade and to make room for this upgrade, we need those old systems to break down. To make room for the new!

My Spiritual Beliefs help me to stay clear and centered during all the transformation that is going on right now. These Beliefs help me to focus on the bigger picture. They help me to feel good and trust that all of this is leading to the greater good for all of us.

I am going to give you some examples of Spiritual Beliefs that still help me.

Spiritual Belief examples.

I’ve had moments and days of enlightenment and in those times I felt an absolute conviction or confidence in myself, in the world, in the sureness of well being and in everyting being perfectly in the process of evolution. I saw and experienced the perfection in ALL THAT IS.

The rest of the time, when I am not in that enlightened state, it helps me to think about these times and to see if I can give words to those feelings. So here goes:

  • A deep trust in Spirit. Like Einstein put it:”The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” The thing is, in an enlightened state, you just KNOW that we live in a friendly universe. And you then know that calling the universe friendly is actually a huge understatement! Trust Spirit
  • You are part of Spirit, just like a wave is part of the ocean. In the state of enlightenment you feel deeply connected to everything. You feel ONE… hard to imagine when you are in the seperated state of the ego.
  • Trust that you will learn your karmic lessons. Earth is a schoolroom, where we have chosen to come and learn our karmic lessons. These are the lessons that are helpful to learn in order to learn unconditional love. It is actually as simple as that. The havoc we are experiencing right now on planet Earth is part of a huge karmic lesson for all of humanity. So instead of resisting the havoc, it is more useful to accept it. Because we are always ready to learn the lessons that our soul is presenting us. And that goes also for the human collective. We are ready for this lesson! There are enough people resisting it, but forces beyond our egos are at work, forces of love greater than we can imagine. You can leave it up to these loving forces to guide us.
  • Very loving and wise Guides are eager to help you. Whether you are aware of these non-physical beings or not. They are with you, always. They are so willing and wanting to help you that it is a waiste not to ask them for help and guidance. Although not many people do. I mean, are you aware, that right now, while you are reading this blog post, you are surrounded by at least 10 non-physical beings? Some of them have infinite intelligence and knowledge? What a waiste not to ask them for help. If you want to know more about asking the help of you team, read this post: How to ask and receive help from your Spirit Guides.

  • Trust that you can find answers & solutions. This was something that I felt so deeply and profoundly in my enlightened state… This trust felt like a mountain, so solid… Nothing could make that trust wobble. I just knew that whatever I came up with, whatever I wanted to manifest or create, I could create it. I would be able to find ways to create it, certainly with the help of my guides.
  • You have the worthiness to receive/attract your dreams come true. Thing is with worthiness, in everyday life it is not right on the surface of your thinking all the time. But in the deeper layers of the subconscious thinking it has an effect on everything. I cannot begin to describe the worthiness I felt in my enlightened moments and days. It just was… unwavering. Just like when you look at the sky or a mountain, it just is.
  • Everything and everybody is made of love. I suddenly understood that truth. And right now, one of the most helpful thoughts for me is that every drop of water in the oceans, every leave of grass, every mountain, every grain of sand, all the animals big and small, they all hold the vibration of love… wow!

Well, these beliefs and understandings I found in times of enlightenment are already quite helpful, to me anyway 😁.

Now, here are some more helpful and supportive spiritual beliefs. With explanations to help you understand on a deep level.

Spiritual beliefs that help you gain clarity in the midst of chaos and transformation. 

You have chosen to be here.

You have chozen on a soul level to be here on this crossroads for humanity. That means you came with a purpose and even if you don’t know that purpose, your soul or Higher Self does know.

Your soul is always in charge. Our ego’s tend to think that they are in control, but they are not.

Your soul is in charge, that bigger and dominant part of you that is still in Heaven.

You can support this belief inside of you by saying to yourself: “I am here for now.” Say it when you wake up. Say it to yourself whenever you feel resistence to your reality.

I am here for now.

My soul is presenting me my karmic lessons, a lot of times in situations that my ego claims are unwanted.

I can resist these lessons, or accept them so I come into the learning mode. Our ego has expectations, negative and positive ones. It even has expectations that come from past lives. Or expectations that are based on past experiences and we might not always be conscious about them. Letting go of these expectations is a very powerful tool to surrender to your soul. And what your soul has in store for you is always way better than you can imagine, belief me.

This off course also works on a global scale. We want things to unfold in a certain way, we have expectations that are not being met. I have them too, I would like this transformation to go differently too, but it goes the way it goes.

I have no say over others and don’t want it to tell you honestly. But my ego sometimes does. It is thinking: “Why can’t people be more loving and accepting of eachother?” Which in itself is not very loving and accepting of my ego 😂…Learn Spiritual Beliefs

So then I am projecting the changes I want to see in order to feel better onto others… they need to change. But the deeper truth is that I can practice love and compassion, so that however people choose to be is not effecting my emotions. Then I don’t need the conditions to change, I don’t need others to change, which in turn brings me to unconditionality… one of my greatest Spiritual lessons… Still learning it by the way.

The way you can help yourself to learn your karmic lessons is by asking yourself: “What can I learn that will help me with this situation (or person)?”

Where I am right now on my path is exactly where I intended to be when I chose this life time.

This is a Spiritual Belief that helps me to relax whenever I am resistance of the present situation. Whenever my ego thinks: “This is not how things should go! Grrrr…” I go back to this belief which allows me to let go of my resistance. And letting go of resistance clears my view, to discover what I am learning, or what the gifts of this situation are.

In every unwanted situation, there is a gift to be found.

These Spiritual Beliefs also work for the whole human collective. Because where the human collective is at right now, is exactly where we intended to be. Giving up resistance to that frees you up so you can be of help, to have a positive impact on the transformation we are going through. To be part of the solution and not part of the problem. That sounds good, right?

My reality is attracted by me and my Higher Self.

Both have a point of attraction, which Law of Attraction is responding to. My Higher Self’s point of attraction is a strong one, which supercedes what my ego thinks should happen quite often.

Example: I might think I am totally ready to attract a new relationship. But my Higher Self knows that in order to feel safe and trust myself in that new relationship, I need some more transformation of old fear and neediness.

Which is why the new relationship is not manifesting right now.

There is ALWAYS a very good reason for things to happen in the way that they do, when you look from the perspective of your Higher Self. Our ego’s might not like that, but it is according to the Highest Truth.

When my reality is not the desired one, I am learning a lesson.

Example: I hear quite some people who want to find others to have a true connection with, a connection coming from the heart. Let’s say that in a past life you had to reject your true authentic self. For whatever reason, maybe to be safe from rejection by others or from prosecution.

In this life, you might experience a fear to be your authentic self. Or to create a business that reflects your authentic self, for example.

In order te create those connections, or the business you want to create, you first have to transform those fears back into love.

I am infinite consciousness.

The infinite part of us is hard to comprehend by our ego. But the way I thought about this is:Spiritual Belief Lessons

I am infinite consciousness, so there is no end to me or my existence. It also means I have infinite time to learn my lessons, infinite time to allow the Devine Parts of me to show me who I really am beyond my ego. So I can relax in the learning process. I am doing all I can, and by the way, sometimes just being (without doing), is the best thing I can do.

It is never too late to learn a lesson.

Meaning: lessons come on your path whenever you are ready to learn them. Our ego’s have impatience and they want to rush to some imaginary finish line. But there is no finish line… You are infinite, remember? There is vastness, expansion without any limits. You can actually expand to fill up the whole Universe… hard for the ego to understand, but I can tell you, it feels pretty awesome to do this!

My Higher Self sees me as perfectly on my path of evolution.

This path leads to learning to express my authentic self and attracting Heaven on Earth. It leads to letting go of all the ego attachments. To experience that you are a Devine Child of the Creator, experiencing a happy childhood no matter what age you are.

If I have hard/difficult lessons to learn, it means I have great capabilities.

Because I am never presented with a lesson I cannot deal with. This has helped me whenever I was facing something that my ego thought was impossible to let go of, or impossible to learn.

For every question there is an answer, for every problem a solution.Higher Self Guidance

This is a Law in this Universe! Contemplating this has made me relax so many times. When I felt stuck on a certain subject, I remembered:

My Higher Self already knows the answer & the path (20, 30, 40 paths from where ever I stand) to the answer.

The answers to your questions, the solutions to your problems are already known by your Higher Self. Your Higher Self also knows 20 or 30 or 40 paths where you can find those answers or solutions. It is trying to lead you there through your intuition, or through doing things that make you feel good.

Feeling good helps you to be on the frequency of your Higher Self, so you can consciously receive your intuitive thoughts coming from your Higher Self.

Source is responsible for all of this and Source always has good reasons!

We are all Devine Children of the Creator. And as such, we are innocent by nature. What I do as a transformational practice, is giving ego thoughts, concerns and hurts back to Source, I give it back to the Central Sun, which is the Heart of Mother Father God.Trust Spiritual Beliefs

As a result, I feel lighter and lighter. More clarity every day. Feeling joy and playfulness. Trusting more deeply than ever before…


From our ego perspective we might not be aware of the perfection of what is unfolding in the human collective right now. But there is perfection in all of this, my team of Guides tell me.

Finding ways to trust in yourself, in humanity, and in all the soul beings that are helping us from the non-physical realm… that is the true purpose of Spiritual Beliefs.

These Beliefs help you to understand the bigger picture of what is going on. They connect you to the unconditional well being of Source.

There is a bigger plan to all of this, no matter what you are experiencing right now.

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I have discovered, through my own healing of trauma, that I have easy access to Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels. My sensitivity used to be a burden. Now it has become my biggest asset. I am quite direct and upfront and communicate the messages of your Guides. For they know you from the inside out and they know what needs to be healed in order for you to experience the joy of life.
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