Spiritual Healing accelerates awakening on the Spiritual Path.
1 August 2020 

Spiritual Healing accelerates awakening on the Spiritual Path.

 Spiritual Healing is the most effective way to speed up the awakening process.

The spiritual path that leads to awakening is not always easy. Most say it has to be that way. I beg to differ. I’ve had quite some frustrations on my spiritual path, to say the least…

Untill I discovered Spiritual Healing.

This has made my spiritual path and my awakening process so much easier and more fun!!!


Would you like to discover how to heal fear, anger or frustration?

How to transform your ego so it can relax and trust your Higher Self?

Congrats! You found the right article for that.

This type of healing has speeded up my awakening process. I went from being frustrated to discovering Healing LOVE.

My ego came home to my heart, which has completely transformed the way I look at myself, my ego, my life…. ehhh everything!

In this article I will tell you my story and how Spiritual Healing works.


This type of healing helps to:

Spiritual Health

    • let go of your (conscious & subconscious) negative beliefs about yourself and others
    • find the Truth about who you are, being able to see through the lies of the ego
    • be able to stay aware of your connection to Source
    • connect you to Healing Love of Source
    • manifest according to the Highest Good and Greatest Joy for all
    • heal yourself and have a healthy role in the healing of others
    • experience true freedom, inner peace and harmony
    • self realisation (realisation of your deepest dreams and desires)
    • make Law of Attraction work for you
    • find emotional balance
    • heal past trauma’s
    • and more…

Wow! That is a lot of benefits!!!

I am not here to tell you that I have the magic pill that will alliviate you of all your suffering all at once.

If I have learned 1 thing on my spiritual path, it is that it is a process that takes practice, time and energy. You have to love transformation and have a deep desire to be free of suffering.

First I want to tell you a little bit about my own experiences…

Why any therapy did not help me to heal my past and let go of what was.

I used to be very insecure, had quite a traumatic childhood, was emotionally unstable and did not know how to deal with my own sensitivity. I just did not know how to deal with anger or sadness and suffered from a chronic feeling of dissatisfaction.

Plus, I had several addictions. It seemed I needed those to be able to deal with my mood swings, like a medicine. Arghhhh!!!

Unconditional Love

From age 18 I have had a dozen therapists…

I experimented with all kinds of therapy…

From energy healers to psychotherapists, inner child therapy, family constellations, the Journey, even a shrink! You name it I’ve tried it. I was willing to do whatever it took to just feel better!

I’ve suffered from a depression, a burn-out…

I’ve had so many unhealthy patterns that seemed to prove to me 1 thing: I was weak, or so my ego wanted me to believe…

All these therapies helped a bit to understand more about myself. But mostly they affirmed what my ego was already saying: despite of all the energy that I had put in, I still believed I was weak, a failure at life and just not able to deal with the suffering.

Fortunately, my suffering was so severe that I kept on searching for relief.

I stepped onto the spiritual path.

After the death of my twin flame, I started listening to Abraham Hicks. I learned a lot about Law of Attraction and found out I have an Inner Being (also called Higher Self or Soul). Abraham said that I have a committee of non-physical guides and helpers and yes, at the time I thought that was a little airy fairy…

Lets meet these non-physical guides and ask for directions!!!

But I had such a drive to find happiness, to feel good and discover my inner worth, that I was willing to do ANYTHING, even daily meditations.
Then, I did a discovery that left my ego gasping for breath…

On my spiritual path I found Unconditional LOVE!

Yes… LOVE in capitals, because it felt unlike anything I’d ever felt before.

I had some experiences with this magical feeling. The most significant one lasted a day.

What I experienced that day:

  • I loved everyone, felt love for every person I encountered that day. I saw so clearly how beautiful each person was and how perfectly their path was unfolding. Even if in the moment they were in resistance to whatever they were experiencing.
  • I did not feel any resistance whatsoever. Not towards people, not towards what they said or did. Nore towards situations I was in. In this experience I knew that every single thing was exactly as it should be in the moment.
  • I did not feel any resistance towards myself. In my core I felt and knew for certain that where I was and who I was, was exactly perfect in that moment.
  • I was overflowing with trust, safety and security. In myself, but also in my ability to realise my wishes and desires. A deep certainty came over me that I could create whatever I wanted.
  • I felt a deep feeling of relaxation. Restlessness and any form of tension were no longer in my reality.
  • I felt such a joy in coming into action to realise the goals I had, like a child that wants to play and go on adventures.
  • I had access to this huge creativity, with which I could solve any problem, answer any question.

Spiritual Trust

The next day I was back in my ego…

My ego had been on vacation for the day and I suspected that I had looked at myself and my life through the eyes of my Inner Being.

More, more… I wanted more!!! This feeling of uncondional LOVE and trust and bliss… This was Heaven on Earth!

Finding my way back to these Heavely feelings became my #1 goal.

And yes, meditation & focus were the tools that I used. But I felt stuck in finding my way back to the door that led to the Unconditional Love.

So frustrating! It is like you know where you want to be, you have been there, but can’t find the way back there…

Plus the roadmap that got me there didn’t work anymore….

Old emotional wounds needed to be healed.

Because sometimes focus & meditation just isn’t enough…

Spiritual pain

Yes I tried and I tried and I tried, and not just for a few days or weeks or months.

I felt so frustrated, felt stuck in addictions, in repeating thought patterns, in restlesness…

Letting go of my judgements was my aim but I just did not understand how…

It was hard for me to be around (unawakened) others. There were very few people around that understood my struggle…

Other peoples negativity was draining my light. How could I protect myself from that?

My ego told me all the time: “My life should have already been better. What’s the matter with me?”

I was not moving ahead as fast as I wanted. I had times that I did not feel any movement at all…

My ego or lower mind was just back at running the show…

But I really, really wanted to experience this heavenly, magical feeling of unconditional LOVE again!

And then I found Spiritual Healing…

Which was different than any type of meditation or therapy I’d done before.

#1 Reason Spiritual Healing works so extremely good:

Spiritual Healing works on your subconscious mind.

Why is that so important?

Your subconscious mind is like an archive. All you have experienced, during this lifetime and previous ones, is stored there. All the beliefs you came to (negative and positive) because of these experiences, are stored in this powerful library.

Beliefs, behaviours, thought patterns, they are all rooted in the subconscious.

How powerful is the subconscious mind?

90 to 95% of your thoughts and behaviour is driven by your subconscious. That means that your subconscious is in control of you!

Wow… that explained why all the things I did to change my life around were not working: they were designed to work on my conscious mind… not my subconscious!

And while I worked hard to make my life work (with this 5 to 10% of me), my subconscious was steering me towards failure.

All the time reinforcing my thoughts of being a loser, not being able to change what I wanted to change, not being able to manifest what my heart desired…

So in a way a lot of what I tried to change actually reinforced my negative beliefs of being weak.

Is your subconscious mind controlling your life?

Yes, absolutely!

Power of the subconscious

Figuring this out is what has changed my life around.

Learning that my emotional wounds were still running my life. They were stored in my subconscious. These were the driving forces behind my thoughts, my belief systems, my judgments.

These emotional wounds were controlling how I thought about myself and others, how insecure I felt.

My emotional wounds were controlling my emotions and therefor what I was attracting into my experiences!

Seeing that there was a good reason that what I was doing was not giving me the desired results was healing in itself…

Because now I know that there was nothing wrong with me. There was something not working with the tools I was using to heal myself. Just because these tools I used were not changing my subconscious mind.

How things have changed since I started practicing Spiritual Healing.

  • whenever negative emotions come up, I have tools to find out what is going on & I know how to heal these old belief systems, trauma’s or patterns
  • which means that step by step these old belief systems, trauma’s or patterns loose their control over me
  • by using these tools over and over again, my overall level of happiness, trust and inner worth is raising daily
  • I can let go of the past and be present in the now
  • meditation has become soooooooooo much easier!!!
  • I can surrender the outcome of my actions
  • freedom is my experience, because I no longer need my addictions to deal with life!
  • feelings of love and compassion are often in my experience
  • I discovered ways to directly communicate with my team of non-physical guides
  • they help me to discover how to unleash the powers of my human self using the Law of Attraction
  • they help me to manifest my hearts desire: to help others heal and create a better world, with respect and compassion for everyone

Does healing take a lot of time?

Well, like I said, I don’t have a magic pill. It does take some time and effort.

The time it took to fill up this subconscious mind is a lot of life times. The time it will take to heal your subconscious mind will probably not take that long… ?

The subconscious works in layers. So every time you have healed an old emotional layer, another layer presents itself to you.

By learning the tools that help you to heal, you become your own healer.

Which also provides you with the tools to help others heal.

When you step on this path of healing yourself spiritually, you find out that it becomes less and less important to become fully healed.

It is just important that when a negative emotion or pattern presents itself to you that you know what to do, that you know how to heal it.

What is the goal of Spiritual Healing?

The Spiritual Path is a path we travel on to end the suffering that having an ego brings. Or to learn to express and realise ourselves fully.

When the subconscious is filled with emotional wounds and trauma’s, the Spiritual Path becomes very hard.

And yet you choose to follow that Spiritual path to end the suffering caused by the emotional wounds and trauma’s… Chicken and egg situation.

In my experience the Spiritual Path becomes way easier and more enjoyable because I also practice Spiritual Healing.

So the goal of Spiritual Healing is to find ease and enjoyment on the Spiritual Path.

How does this type of healing work?

There are certain processes and visualisations that help you to communicate with your subconscious.

Your subconscious understands colors, symbols and archetypes way better than words. Therefore getting to know the meaning of these colors, symbols and archetypes is key.

These colors have to do with your chakra’s (the energy centres in your body).

The energy of your chakra’s define how well your life energy is flowing through your physical, emotional & spiritual body.

Spiritual Transformation

For instance:

The color violet or purple is the color of your Crown Chakra. This chakra is situated on the top of your head. This energy center is connecting you with your Higher Self.

The color violet or purple means transformation or forgiveness to the subconscious.

So this is a very important color in Spiritual Healing, because it opens you up to change.

Fire is a symbol that also means transformation. And in these visualizations, fire is never hurtful, only transformative.

So…. if you want to change your thoughts, because they are not in alignment with your Higher Self, visualize that your Higher Self is putting a violet or purple Fire Hat on your head.

The funny thing is that when you visualize a simple thing like that, your thoughts change!!!

Please note that when you visualize, it does not mean you have to visually see what you are visualizing. Having the intention, or feeling it is just as helpful.

The impact of Healing Spiritually on Law of Attraction.

This is another major factor to think about. Law of Attraction reacts to the energy that you send out. It matches that energy with the things that you attract in your life, such as thoughts, encounters, possibilities, chances, etc.

Remember: 90 to 95% of your thoughts and behavior is driven by your subconscious. That means that 90 to 95% of the energy that you send out is driven by your subconscious.

Which means that your subconscious is a very powerful co-creator.

Because the Spiritual Healing I am referring to is the healing of your subconscious emotional wounds, your subconscious will start to work with you to create what it is that you truly desire.

Spiritual Love

You can look at it like this:

Let’s just see your subconscious as a child. A child that is lives inside of you.

We call this the Inner Child.

If you want to go out in the world and work or play or have fun, you are taking this Inner Child with you, always.

When this child is in a bad mood, or insecure, or feeling sad, it kind of dominates whatever experiences you have.

Let’s say you want to be successful in a profession that comes from your heart, but you are not too good at setting healthy boundaries en sticking to your own desires.

Chances will be that this Inner Child will not work with you but against you.

Because being successful to this child means having to step over boundaries and losing a healthy work-life balance.

You will then have a tough time creating this success in your work life. This Inner Child will be stepping on the breaks all the time. Just out of uncertainty and fear of loosing control.

Let’s say you want to create a loving relationship, but you have some inner worth issues (don’t we all?). Because this Inner Child is convinced that it is not worthy of love, or not good enough, it will create situations and attract people that will give you exactly that experience of not feeling good enough to be loved.

Or it will tell you it is better to stay alone… while your hearts desire is to have a loving relationship!

You see how this works?

What is the impact of this healing on the ego?

Inner Child

The best way to describe that is:

The ego will come home to the heart.

The insecure ego, holding on to negative beliefs, will give up these beliefs. Because the ego will experience time after time, that it is taken care of. Step by step it will start to relax.

It will experience that there is always help & guidance (from your Higher Self and your non-physical guides) and that there are so many ways to get directly from Source all that you need.

Because this is also part of Spiritual Healing:

  • meeting your team of Guides and being able to download their wisdom
  • having a healthy, playful relationship with your Inner Child
  • discovering how to fill up with Love, Appreciation, Compassion & so much more directly from Source

So then you don’t need other people to feel loved, you go directly to Source to fill up with Unconditional LOVE.

This makes you independent from others and sets them free. They can be in whatever emotion, or whatever mood. When you overflow with LOVE from Source, it doesn’t matter what mood others are in.

You always have your own team of guides to help you with any situation or problem or question. Infinite Wisdom to help you with any creation.

Your healed Inner Child will help you to have fun, play with possibilities and find fulfilment of your hearts desires.


Spiritual practice

  • Most therapies don’t work on the subconscious, which is the reason they don’t work that well to find Unconditional LOVE.
  • All your emotional wounds are stored in your subconscious. This means that the subconscious is THE driving force when it comes to creating the experiences in your life.
  • Healing the emotional wounds of the subconscious (of the Inner Child) will make your Spiritual Path flow with more ease & make Law of Attraction work for you.
  • The subconscious holds all the keys to manifesting whatever you want. This type of healing will help you to communicate with your team of non-physical Guides and make you independant of others.
  • Healing your subconscious wounds makes the ego come home to the heart.


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I have discovered, through my own healing of trauma, that I have easy access to Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels. My sensitivity used to be a burden. Now it has become my biggest asset. I am quite direct and upfront and communicate the messages of your Guides. For they know you from the inside out and they know what needs to be healed in order for you to experience the joy of life.
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